Tom Pollard Designs Custom Ornaments
Affiliate Program

The Affiliates Program is offered as a way for your organization to raise money but it is your responsibility to direct group members to Tom Pollard Designs using a specific URL. Any purchases done without this URL will not count toward your organization's proceeds. If your organization has separate groups associated with it each group is able to set up separate accounts with us.


 If this program is for a one-time event a check will be issued at the end of the event. If it will be ongoing a check will be sent at the end of each quarter. Any checks will be made out to the organization and not an individual. For those of you ordering a custom ornament we are unable to deduct from your unpaid invoice, a check will be sent to you.


We reserve the right to deactivate an Affiliate program if it remains inactive for 12 months and we are not contacted.


The Affiliates program is reserved for groups only and not personal use.


By clicking "I Agree" you acknowledge that you have read the above statement and agree to our terms. If you are uncertain how The Affiliates Program will work please contact us before continuing.

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