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Comedy & Tragedy
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Greek Theater

Around 500-200 B.C., during the golden age of Greek theater, masks with dramatic expressions were worn so that they would be visible to audiences farther away. Additionally, along with the elaborate costumes, the expressions on the masks helped to tell the story the actors wanted portrayed, and they enabled the actors to play more than one character.


The comedy and tradegy masks represented the two distinct sides of Dionysus. The Greek god of fertility and wine, Dionysus, also represented the stage and theater- and was heavily worshipped. The masks were a significant part of that worship, and were often dedicated to the altar of Dionysus after the performances.


Today, the comedy and tragedy masks are widely recognized as the symbols for theater and drama, but are still traced back to their Greek roots.


Purchase this ornament for the rising star in your life, or simply a theater enthusiast.


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Sometime around 500-200 B.C., during the…

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