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History & Technology

EMS, as we know it today, has only been around for 40 years. Prior to 1966, the effort to help those in need was well-intentioned but highly uncoordinated, and sometimes those assisting lacked the necessary training and tools. Today's EMS equipment is high-tech, sophisticated, as well as compact in order to easily care for the patient. The ambulances can be considered mini emergency rooms which enable the first responders to communicate with hospital personnel while performing lifesaving tasks in the field.

Star of Life

Their hard work and dedication can truly make a difference between life and death for the nearly 20 million patients helped each year by their local EMS. The blue Star of Life symbolizing EMS represents their six functions: detection, reporting, response, on-scene care, care in transit and transfer to definitive care. Fortunately, in many parts of the country, EMS is just three numbers away -- 911.


Choose our EMS Ornament as a unique, affordable gift for your favorite EMS, EMT or Paramedic.


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EMS, as we know it today, has only been…

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