Whether you are from Norway or Mexico, each family has a story of origin, and with each of these pieces, you are able to tell your own. Make sure to celebrate your heritage with one of our exquisite nationality ornaments!
Icons such as Jesus or a cross remind us to have faith. What better way to honor our beliefs at Christmas time than to have a keepsake ornament hanging from your tree or displayed on your mantle.
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Huguenot Cross
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Huguenot Cross
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Huguenot Cross
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Representative of religious loyalty, this cross is both beautiful and symbolic. The Huguenot Cross was first worn in Cevennes, in southern France, and was created after a tragic incident when two couples, while in the midst of getting married, were taken by the French Dragoons for not denouncing their belief in their Huguenot religion. These young people suffered the horror of being burned alive at the stake for their beliefs.


The cross is made up of a four-petal Lily of France in which each petal, signifying the Four Gospels, radiates outward to form a Maltese Cross. At each outside petal point are rounded points representing the Eight Beatitudes. The petals are joined by a three-petaled fleur-de-lis representing the Mother Country of France. The total of twelve petals on the four fleur-de-lis signify the Twelve Apostles. Radiating out from the center under the fleur-de-lis are heart-shaped openings symbolizing loyalty and suggests the seal of the great French Reformer, John Calvin. The dove pendant suspended at the bottom of the cross represents the guide or counselor of the Church, the Saint Esprit or Sainted Spirit.


This ornament makes the perfect gift for a loved one interested in religious history, and makes a beautiful additon to any Christmas tree.



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