When you think of America certain things like the Liberty Bell, our flag and many others come to mind. We took those proud symbols and immortalized them to honor the dream our four fathers had for our country.
There's nothing complicated about these beautiful photo ornaments. Simply place the photo of your choice within the ornament frame, and you have a memorable keepsake for generations to come!
The U.S. prides itself on a great naval fleet and has over 430 ship in active service or reserve. Check out some of the ship we've commemorated by making into one of our cherished keepsake ornaments.
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Marine Photo Frame
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Marine Photo Frame
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Marine Photo Frame
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The United States Marines

The seal for the Marine Corps was made official when President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed an Executive Order approving the seal for the United States Marine Corps on
June 22, 1954. The globe on the Marine emblem displays the Western Hemisphere which symbolizes that the U.S. Marines are dedicated to serve the American people in any part of the world. The anchor, a symbol of the Marines’ amphibious duties, dates back to 1775.

“Semper Fidelis”, the motto of the Marines, is Latin for “Always Faithful”.


We Thank You

(Your Loved Ones' Namer Here) 

goes out to serve,

Be it full-time or on reserve.

Standing up for what is right,

Guarding out country day and night.

All thank you for your sacrifice,

Our words of praise will never suffice.

We know that freedom is alive

And that our traditions will survive

Because of all you give and all you do.

Your bravery and heart is true.

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The seal for the Marine Corps was made official when...

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