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Pittsburgh Police Shield
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Pittsburgh Police Shield
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Pittsburgh Police Shield
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The Family Crest

The City of Pittsburgh officially adopted the police badge design in 1873 which proudly boasts the seal of the City of Pittsburgh. Since William Pitt was the founder of Pittsburgh and the first Earl of Chatham, the seal that was adopted is actually his family's coat of arms. Featured are the castle walls (a symbol of a city), three gold bezants (which represent honesty), and the tartan (a symbol of commerce and finance). Other than the objects on the seal, the colors black and gold were also part of the coat of arms which are iconic of Pittsburgh itself- explaining why the fine men and women of the Pittsburgh Police force wear the badge with great pride.


Thank you greatly for all that you do, and for your heart that's brave and true.

You go out to guard both day and night. Deep in the shadows you shine a light.

The Justice you bring is a thing of beauty. May God protect you when you're on duty.

Let Him and his strength be at your side, as you cause evil to run away and hide.


Buy this unique ornament today to honor a special policeman/woman in your life.

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The City of Pittsburgh officially adopted the police badge...

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