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The Pentagon
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The Pentagon
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The Pentagon
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Bringing Personnel Together

During the Presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1941, the 24,000 civilian and military personnel in Washington, D.C. were spread out among 17 buildings. Brigadier General Brehon B. Somervell came up with the idea, and was then given the task to design and build a building, to house the United States Department of Defense in one location.

Design of the Pentagon

The five-story reinforced concrete building has five concentric pentagonal rings connected by 10 radial corridors with light wells in between and a 6-acre interior center court.


Completed on January 15, 1943, the Pentagon, located in SE Arlington County, Virginia, is one of the largest office buildings in the world with 3,705,793 square feet of floor space covering 29 acres. In 1998, renovations were started to modernize the Pentagon and to make the building a more secure structure.


This unique ornament is a perfect gift for any govenment employee or military personnel, as well as history buffs.  It is also a wonderful keepsake of a visit to our nation's capital.


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During the Presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt…

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