Valentine Day
This series features an array of ornaments depicting iconic Bible stories and their religious figures. Whether it is the story of St. Paul and Noah or the Annunciation and Resurrection, these pieces celebrate faith and add timeless beauty to any tree.
Angels, Saints,and Popes are depicted on ornaments by Tom Pollard Designs. They remind us of their journey and endeavors. We can benefit from their inspirational stories and find faith and strength.
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The Visitation
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The Visitation
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The Visitation
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A Holy Meeting

Shortly after the Angel Gabriel relayed to Mary that she was carrying the Son of God, the Blessed Mother met with her cousin Elizabeth- who was carrying John the Baptist. Today, this event is known as the Feast of the Visitaiton in which the Angel Gabriel responds to Mary's questioning of her ability to miraculously conceive a child by stating "No word shall be impossible with God".  With God's words in her heart, the Blessed Mother visits her elderly cousin Elizabeth who is carrying John the Baptist.


The miraculous conception of Jesus and John the Baptist are cemented in the meeting of these mothers. Upon the sight of Mary, it has been noted that Elizabeth felt a leap in her womb from her unborn child. From this moment, Elizabeth knew Mary was carrying the Son of God: " Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, the mother of my Lord"- (Luke 1:42-43 ).


This ornament makes the perfect present for an expectant mother in your life and allows celebration for the great miracle that is the Anunciation.


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