Real people doing a real job. That is the theme of our Occupation Series ornaments. From Policeman to Emergency Medical Service personnel and Coal Miners, we wanted to show the human side rather than just the symbols.
If you're looking for a special ornament that you can't find anywhere else our unique section might be the place for you. A dancing ballerina or comedy and tragedy ornaments are uncommon.
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Time & Love

Out of the goodness of their hearts these people help their communities. Whether it is building a home for an injured veteran, serving at soup kitchen, or teaching a literacy class at a library- volunteers are vital to society. With an average of 63 million documented adult volutneers in the US, these men and women truly are superheros in their own right.

"To volunteer is to choose to act in recognition of a need, with an attitude of social responsibility without concern for monetary profit, going beyond what is necessary to one's physical well-being."

~ Susan J. Ellis and Katherine H. Noyes, in By the People: A History of Americans as Volunteers ~


What an ideal way to thank your volunteers! They will treasure this ornament each Christmas season as they decorate their tree.


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Out of the goodness of their hearts these people...

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